The Coach

This may take more than one post, as 10 months is a long time…but actually I will start back from the very beginning. The first memory I have of Dave in my life was 15 years ago. Our little family had just moved to Fenton. Bryan had a tough go of the move as a 4th grader, but quickly latched on to some good friends on his soccer team – Ben, Jeremy and Pat. Guess who was the coach? Ben’s Dad, Dave.  He and his wife were our first friends when we made the journey from North County to Fenton. It was a big move..why Fenton? Not really sure, but I look back now, and the journey starts making sense.

I remember the first soccer tourney at our church…Bryan got hurt on the field, and it brought tears to my eyes to see his coach carry him to the sidelines. It is a memory that I will never forget and didn’t quite comprehend at that time the full scope of Dave’s caring personality.

Fast forward 13 years…Fenton turned out to be a wonderful place for our family, as far as community was concerned, but June 2010, that world was rocked. Tucks took our family and friends by surprise and chose to change the direction of his life. There I was, left to pick up the pieces and start anew.

For those that need that interesting segment of my fairy tale recapped, see I am glad I went through what I did, and as I mentioned in the “About”, without those brief encounters, and the interim relationship with “Trainwreck”, my true “Treasure” may not have come to light.

Stay tuned, and I will fill you in how “The Coach a/k/a Treasure, stopped play and carried ME to the sidelines to heal.


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