“Only men need to be loved, women only need to feel wanted” – Sons of Anarchy

Well, once The Most Interesting Guy in my World moved to Denver, it spiraled downhill from there. We gave it a whirl long distance, but when you throw in way too much drama – a couple of motorcycle accidents, 3 daughters that weren’t pleased to see their dad dating again, a one sided effort to keep the relationship moving forward and a near-death experience on a mountaintop, quits it was. I am really quite proud of myself for ending something that was heading nowhere fast.  I have learned from this journey to have fun, enjoy all the new adventures, but not to waste time settling..or dealing with…or making excuses for, or simply being treated any less than a princess. I never really expected the Princess part, but people were telling me it IS possible. So I decided to take my chances, cut my losses and continue the quest for that middle-aged Knight in shining armor.

I don’t regret spending that time with Colorado man, because it led me to the REAL Treasure, my true Second Chance. A man that has treated me like a Princess since day one, even when I wasn’t ready for that. A man with no baggage, a great career, 3 beautiful kids who want their Dad to be happy again. A man in my backyard, in my Church to be exact, in my intimate circle of friends.  The man I prayed would walk through the doors of my very own St. Paul and sweep me off my feet. That man was there all along, waiting in the wings, going through his own healing, but at the same time, formulating in his mind what HE really wanted this second time around.  He wanted me. I waited. I questioned. I doubted. I didn’t want to ruin a wonderful friendship. I gave in. I allowed myself to be chased. To be respected. To be treated like a Princess, but most of all to be wanted.

When you are cast aside. When you are left at mid-life for no apparent reason. When you let go of chasing. To be wanted is the best feeling on earth.


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