The Scar

Scar TissueJune 13, is a date that will stick with me forever.  Not an anniversary that I really want to keep top of mind, but one that marks a major road map change to my life. That summer of 2010 I remember a good friend at work coming up to me and saying “Just wait..within 2 years you will be married again”. And no, that guy was not correct in his fortune-telling, but he did offer me hope that there will be an even better companion out there for me someday.

Dave let me cry in his arms  for awhile last night. The tears poured out of an otherwise strong, independent woman – as I couldn’t help but remember how happy those 25 years were. It’s amazing what you can zone out when you are trying to heal.  I allowed myself to bring forth memories, and the tears flowed, and flowed – so much so, that I had to cancel all my afternoon meetings and cower in my office. The growth of a family that produced two absolutely wonderful young men and a happy marriage,  ran it’s course. That first marriage was a treasure that I will always hold in my heart. The  hurt from the loss is scar tissue that has built up over that tiny treasure in my heart and will never fully heal. I am just so blessed to have found a man that understands that scar, and knows it  is a part of me that he can care for when it becomes slightly inflamed.

The day is nearly over, the tears just about gone, the scar tissue got a little stronger and the journey continues, with an incredible man. Speaking of journeys..major road trip coming up…stay tuned!


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