It’s time! I think that is how I ended JuliesWeekend.wordpress.com almost two years ago! I was well on my way to defining my new life. But, what I thought was my Second Chance at that time (first chance was “Tucks”), turned out to be more like a “Trainwreck”. I skipped narrating that whole chapter, (way too much drama for one blog), however, without that interim friendship, I am not so sure I would have allowed the true Second Chance to step into my life. It has been 10 months since “Treasure” took hold of my heart. This blog will give you a glimpse into how that stranglehold began and the beauty of Faith, Hope and Love when it comes to what you truly desire in life. If you believe in Fairy Tales, than this story is for you. It is for those who are looking for inspiration, 2nd chances and a true belief that if you pray for what you deeply desire, trust and have Faith that God will give you what you need, and invoke  just a wee bit of patience, your dreams will indeed come true.  The key? You have to allow yourself to be loved. It’s time.


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